pink baekyeol edit for sakuratokki!! thank you for requesting and i hope i didnt disappoint you ;;
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sakuratokki said: Can I request some pastel/pink baekyeol pls~? ILY AND UR EDITS

odg yess of course I will try to make it today!! THANK U FOR LOVING ME AND MY CRAPPY EDITS BTw


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass


It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

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feat. chanyeol

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the bae series 6/∞

Anonymous said: :'- ) your blog is so pretty i want to cry

ghcgddjdjv omg no its seriously a mess rn but thank you a lot!!! ily wwwww

pastel yixing edit dedicated to 5x8ft​!! thank you a lot for requesting and giving me an excuse to not do my homework wwww
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"I was sleeping earlier and at dawn my eyes opened and since I was not sleepy I watched showtime episode 6. It hasn’t been an year yet but the happy memories came to my head and I really miss them. Of course now is happy also but I think it’s really good that I can recall my past memories and refresh myself. I love my exo members and you EXO L’s so much. I want to enjoy this happiness forever and I hope people surrounding me including my members and fans to be all healthy and happy. Thank you so much for loving me, chanyeol who’s not perfect and I love you! Lastly EXO!! Let’s love!! (Forever)" - Chanyeol’s IG update ♡

5x8ft said: hi omg can i request for a pastel yixing edit when you're free thank you!!!! <3

omg yes of course!! i will try to do it today and do my best to not disappoint you!!! wwww



jongin pastel edit dedicated to anon thank you for requesting!! i accept every request btw bc im so bored
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